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The annual membership includes: access to the Members’corner private section of our website, events at preferential rates and workshops or conferences only for members, the insertion of your company in the online bilingual directory and the reservation of a dedicated page in the next edition and 2 copies of the Book of women entrepreneurs in west of Paris, published and distributed by the association for the promotion of its members.


Meet other women in business

The first step in a networking approach is to make yourself visible. New members are featured in the monthly newsletter when they join the network. But being involved in the association, attending the events is necessary to meet new people and create new opportunities.

Each month, networking events are organized by the association


Promote and grow business contacts

The visibility and reputation of the network is always in service to its members: the association facilitates contacts between members and encourages cross-business initiatives or partnerships. The association share its online directory and publishes each year a Directory Book distributed to promote the talents of its members in the west of Paris area.

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Stay aware of market evolution

Being an entrepreneur involves staying up-to-date on the latest laws and regulations and know how to evolve in a constantly changing competitive environment. Through the exchange between the members and the sharing of know-how, workshops, conferences are regularly organized on entrepreneurship related themes.

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What are the benefits of membership ?

  • Be part of a network supporting local women entrepreneurs in the Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Versailles area,
  • Meet other women entrepreneurs in west of Paris suburbs and have access to their experience during networking events organized by the association,
  • Develop new opportunities for your business through exchange and emulation with other members and women entrepreneurs,
  • Improve your skills at workshops organized by the association …

What is the difference with other local networks?

Created by women who have created their own business, the Femmes entrepreneures network has a very cosmopolitan dimension, representative of the population of Yvelines: our members are French entrepreneurs after living abroad or expatriates starting their business in France, targeting local and / or english-speaking and / or expatriate customers.

This great diversity of profiles, experiences and skills is the richness of the network and create a unique pool of opportunity. Nevertheless, members can only get real benefits by meeting other members and attending events regularly.

This is why all the association communication is bilingual, allowing everyone to express themselves easily.

How to join ?

You can register and pay online with Paypal (no need to have a Paypal account, you can pay by credit card).

How much does it cost?

Membership of Femmes entrepreneures is on an individual basis and costs €80 for the current year (1st jan-31 dec), irrespective of when you join.

There may be additional fees for events and workshop; as a member you automatically receive a discount.

Who can join?

Women who own their own business, who are thinking about starting a business or seek assistance on creating a business in France. Applications from representatives of charities, community groups and companies are also accepted. 

Our communication is bilingual, in order to let all the members, french or expatriates, to get most of the association. Everyone is free to speak french or english to make her pitch or sharing experiences with others.

We can only accept registered companies in France. For members thinking about starting up a company or for those waiting to be issued with a number, will not be able to sell any goods or promote services during our showcase events. Please contact us for more details if not sure about your status.