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Mediator Prevention and conflict resolution , Chambourcy
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The mediator is a third impartial and independant party who accompanies the parties to prevent or resolve conflicts between or within companies, organisations, public institutions and local authorities as well as in the associative sector.

Mediation is your solution to allow:

- Preventing health risks and thus increasing collective performance.

- Identify and solve collective problems (tension within or between teams...)

- Soothe interpersonal difficulties (mood incompatibility, difficulties with one's collaborator, partner, superior). -

Reduce absenteeism or skills drain through mobility

-Allowing return to work after a long absence -

Resolve a pre-litigation dispute over a career element, compensation, promotion, etc.

The advantages of mediation for the company: - Flexibility - Rapidity - Confidentiality - Co-construction and cooperation   

Martine Van Der Wielen
Martine Van Der Wielen

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