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Emilie Garel Psycho-Nutritionniste

Emilie Garel Psycho-Nutritionniste

Nutrition, Emotional eating & Eating disorders, Sartrouville
Emilie Garel Psycho-Nutritionniste
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Nutritionist specialized in eating behaviour, I help women to improve their relationship with food.

Convinced that diets cause suffering, in addition to gaining weight in the long term, I offer a caring and respectful approach.

More than Nutrition, eating behaviour management includes a holistic approach based on food sensations, beliefs, managing stress and emotions, body image, and motivations for a sustainable change.

I offer online support, phone and tele-consultation, to more comfort (transport, availabilities...).

Emilie Garel
Emilie Garel

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Emilie Garel Psycho-Nutritionniste Alimentation émotionnelle Comportement alimentaire Sartrouville