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Murano glass jewellery designer, Poissy
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French designer of Murano glass jewelery

Murano glass together with French elegance

For almost 20 years, I have worked for a beautiful Parisian house known for its Murano glass fixtures. 

As Director of the design office, Michèle have learned to master the exceptional expertise of handcrafted Murano glass.

She has built strong and special relationships with Murano glass masters by working with them on original projects, making custom pieces for individuals, for customers or exceptional designers.

Today and since 2016, Michèle RICHER explore and develop through MILODINA, all the secrets of this artisanal work and these unique hands to create and make amazing Murano glass jewels.

Everything starts from Nature, a sketch, a drawing, a desire... and continues with the meeting in Murano of glass masters for a common understanding of the project to make sense of this imaginary and give life to it. The fusion of skills transforms then a simple glass cane into a singular jewel through unique know-how.

The minimalist and light lines make it possible to wear these jewels as irresistible uniqueness according to your desire: Alone or in accumulation of dazzling hues. It's up to you to compose !

MILODINA sells in B to B and B to C. Feel free to contact us for more information at + - follow us on our Instagram or on our website.

Michele Richer
Michele Richer

 06 28 06 57 68

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Milodina featured products to find in the Marketplace

140,00 €
Boucles d'oreilles VENUS en verre de Murano 15% de remise sur le tarif indiqué - Boucles d'oreilles VENUS simple en verre de Murano - créations françaises - façonnées à la main - Poissy
Milodina Bijoux en verre de Murano façonnés à la main Poissy
177,00 €
Bijoux en verre de Murano 25% de remise sur le prix indiqué - boucles d'oreilles Feuille d'Ange en verre de Murano
Milodina Bijoux en verre de Murano façonnés à la main Poissy
129,00 €
Bague DOLCE en verre de Murano Cette bague de la collection Dolce est sobre, élégante et peut donc se marier à toutes vos silhouettes
Milodina Bijoux en verre de Murano façonnés à la main Poissy